Below is some feedback from some of my previous clients that have purchased my programs. Over the course of these programs, all of my clients have progressed both physically and mentally. Read below to see some of these amazing woman’s thoughts.


Emily marie

“For the past 12 weeks, Mercedes has been my online coach. I can say with complete confidence that my experience with Mercedes as a coach has been nothing short of amazing. From the hour consultation getting to know my habits, limits, and goals, right down to the training and meal plan she made personalized for me, I am proud to say that I have attained the goals I set out to accomplish.Personally, I was apprehensive because of my previous experiences with online coaching, but Mercedes always made sure to go above and beyond my expectations. She always provided me with the personal support that I needed. If I was having an off day, I knew that the support I needed was only an email away.”


Georgia V

“Mercedes workouts are some of the most challenging yet attainable workouts, even for beginners like myself. Over the six week period that I completed the workouts, I have never felt so physically strong in my life. But this is not the only thing that Mercedes workout plans provided me with – they also made me mentally tough. I learned how to push myself to the limit even when my mind was telling me to stop. But I also learned how to listen to my body and give it the well-needed rest that it deserves. Mercedes is such a caring, heartwarming woman who has so much to offer any client.”


Krystle G

“After years of going to the gym wandering aimlessly wondering what exercise to do next, Mercedes has given me the confidence to execute a proper workout in a short period. The old Krystle would often go to the gym, do cardio and leave because she was so intimidated by all the different machines, exercises, and weights. But with Mercedes programs and personal consultations, I feel at ease knowing I am performing the exercise correctly and am on track to achieving my fitness goals. Mercedes has not only provided me with the tools to perform an excellent workout but also provided me with something that I have never had in the gym before- confidence. Confidence to be the only girl lifting heavy weights, wearing short-shorts to the gym and making funny faces when I am pushing myself to the limit.”

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